UV-C technology combined with OKI products line is able to destroy viruses and bacteria with an effectiveness up to 99.9%

Reduce contagion’s risk is possible with OKI bedhead units

An extra hand to destroy


Success up on viruses and bacteria to


Constantly air sanitization

 22m² in 7,5 hours*

*Time for the initial sanitization of a 60m³ room using two units and to keep the environment constantly sanitized

OKI products that support uvOxy technology

UvOxy technology is available in three different OKI unit’s models to be useful for inpatient ward and intensive care unit: 
OKI Cielo, OKI Vertical and OKI Plus.

Beyond the traditional functions of lighting, electrical supply and medical gas distribution, these devices have a safe and validated sanitization air system. The contaminated air's traffic
 is forced by a ventilation system by a saturated closed chamber with the rays of a UV-C lamp which costantly sanitizes the air.

Unlike a classic purifier, the germicidal success of this system destroys a wide range of bacteria, viruses, coronaviruses and other many microorganisms with a success up to 99.9%.

 Germicidal efficacy tested

Tests performed by accredited laboratories and Italian universities show the efficacy of uvOxy technology on a wide range of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

UvOxy technology which is integrated into OKI's devices has been tested according to the requirements of the ISO15714 standard and the safety requirements of the IEC60335-2-65 standard about air purifiers.

More information on performed tests are available 
at this link.

An Italian partnership

LM Medical Division’s OKI line uses a new technology developed by Beghelli. An alliance between two renowned Italian companies that combine their know-how to satisfy the continuous sanitization’s requirement of hospitals and clinics. A strong partnership which stands for: quality, professionalism, reliability and safety.

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